Wensleydale x Romney Locks - Celestial Adventure

Wensleydale x Romney Locks - Celestial Adventure


“The stars were better company anyway. They were very beautiful, and they almost never snored.” - David Eddings

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My daughter was the one who came up with this colorway, and it’s one of her favorites - she calls it “space wool.” It’s the same colors as some of the photos of galaxies far far away (she even has a sketchbook with a photo of one). Of course, galaxies come in many colors - for example, the one we live in is white. This one happens to feature the pink ones (the HII, or H-2 regions, which are star forming regions for my fellow nerds out there), paired with some lighter blues/purples as well as blues/purples that are so dark, they’re almost black.

These locks come from a fleece I ordered from across the pond, one that is a cross between Wensleydale and Romney. Some of the fleece’s locks more closely resemble that of Wensleydale (curly), and some are closer to that of Romney (crimpy/wavy). The curls are tighter towards the tip, but the base is soft, open and on the fuzzy side, making these great for spinning (especially tailspinning) and felting. This particular listing is for 1 (one) ounce of curly locks, which average 5-7” in length (8 if you stretch them out). Most are on the longer side. They’ve been pulled apart prior to dyeing, and as such are ready to work with straight out of the bundle.

These locks have been gently hand processed, carefully and lovingly hand dyed one ounce at a time with acid dyes and heat set. I always give my wool a wash post-dye in warm water with a bit of soap, followed by a rinse with vinegar and lavender (you won’t smell the vinegar, but you may notice some lavender) until the water runs clear. This is to help rinse out any dye that didn’t set. However, since each artist's water, soap, detergent and processing varies, there is always a chance that the wool may bleed some when wet felting (or washing post-spinning). If your final artwork or garment requires cleaning, gently hand wash in cold water and dry it flat.