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One of the things I love working on are custom requests from my patrons. It's a different process than working on my own projects, because then I have you in mind as I work on it. I take everything you request into consideration as best as possible, though please do allow some artistic license. I am not a machine, and I imagine the reason you are considering me to make something special for you is because you fell in love with the things you've seen me make.

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Below are a few of the things I’ve made with someone else in mind. There were actually a few Slimeys requested, but the only way to tell them apart was by their different hats, so I only put a few of the pictures up.


All prices listed are as a guide only, and do not include shipping charges, which are quoted once the project is complete, packaged and ready to ship. Shipping is based on the final package dimensions and weight and speed of shipping at buyer’s request. Buyer is responsible for shipping.

Baby mobiles

This is just a general guide, as there are many possibilities. The pricing for the baby mobiles starts at $40 and is based on the number of ornaments included - after base price, $20 per additional ornament. For example, if you want a small hoop with three ornaments, that will be $60. If you want something hanging from the center of the hoop (like Saturn in the photo above), that is counted as one ornament. I normally display the ornaments hanging from a hoop, which is scaled as necessary. The mobiles do not come with a music box, but there are music boxes available online, some which only play music or even spin the mobile - I leave that up to the customer to decide. How I string up the ornaments also factors into the price. For a plain, unfinished hoop, or dowel, or branch (sanded down), it’s included in the price. If you want the hoop covered in felt (as the photo in the gallery), that will be an additional cost. I do not offer a discount for requesting the ornaments alone and DIYing the hoop/dowel to string it up yourself (you can certainly do so, if you have something else in mind - an example is one baby mobile I did where the recipient hung the ornaments from a bicycle wheel which she had on hand). In that case, the ornaments will come ready to hang or with loops from which you can use your string of choice.

felt journal covers and accessories

  • $50 - plain felt journal cover in colors of your choice, with complimentary lining fabric. Any additional needle felting/embroidery/bead work done to the cover will be an additional price, depending on the time involved and complexity of the final piece.

  • $15 - planner charm with a lobster clasp to make it easy for you to attach

  • $10 - needle felted planner clip - I use black vinyl coated paper clips for my planner clips

  • $10-$15 - felt bookmark (depending on the style and amount of embellishment requested)

felt sculpture

These are a bit more difficult to provide a price guideline. Using the examples in the photo gallery above, the felt worms - about 10 inches long and fairly simple in design - were around $40. The doll was $75, because the work involved in making her was a bit more complex.

wool paintings

This largely depends on the size, level of complexity, materials used, and time involved. The Ewe and Lamb, which was not a commission, is up in my shop for $75, is about 10 inches square and took 8 hours to complete. Something like the Snowy Owl in the gallery above would be around $300 - it is nearly 2ft long, uses a lot of merino and silk blend fibers, and took weeks to complete.