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Fiber: Sculpture 1960-Present - Book Review

A review of the book Fiber: Sculpture 1960-Present, which I believe would be of particular interest for anyone interested in fiber arts in general and not specifically felt. In fact, there's nothing about felt in this book; however some parallels can be drawn between the fiber artists presented in the book and some of the prominent felt artists of today. 

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Inspiration Fridays - Twyla Tharp

We've all had those days - the ones where you want to crawl back under the covers. When you want to wake up and start over again. When, if you have kids, especially one in the age/phase of testing your limits and pushing your buttons, it feels like they're doing every single thing thing they can possibly think of to drive you up the wall. A bad day at work where anything that could possibly go wrong, goes wrong. The strained family holidays that make you wish there were no holidays, just a few days off from work. Those days when you would like to run away - if even for a temporary vacation or retreat by yourself... 

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10 Tips On Teaching Art To Young Children

I’ve been asked by several people on how to teach their children art, to the point that I’m seriously considering teaching an art class myself. But not just any art class - I’m thinking about teaching the youngest little artists, the toddler age group. While I’m also planning on teaching older children, there is a serious lack of art programs available for younger ages near me. I’ve seen music classes for babies. Dance. Sports (even swimming) for tots. We even participated in a pre-cooking class for the 2-4 age group. There was a point in my life when I wanted to pursue a career as an art teacher, and I had volunteered as an assistant art teacher in the past.

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