Whimsy Houses Tutorial & Kit

Whimsy Houses Tutorial & Kit

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My very first tutorial, and still a customer favorite! Get the tutorial as well as everything you need (except the foam and needles) to make one yourself.

7" Hoop:
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PS - There is no music playing while I am talking, it's just in the preview.

Skill level: Beginner - Intermediate

Who doesn’t love whimsy? Make an adorable, 2D wool painting of whimsy houses under an evening sky with this tutorial and kit! The kit comes with everything you need, except the foam and the needles, to follow along with me with just over three hours of video instruction.

You do have the option to purchase the kit with or without the 7” hoop. Maybe you already have a hoop at home, or maybe you would like to do something else with your wool painting, such as framing it or sewing it onto another project. The choice is yours.

The tutorial also comes with the PDF templates, both round and square (for those who want to frame it differently), so no drawing skills necessary. You may try using a lightbox to trace your template onto your felt, but I highly recommend investing in an iron-on transfer pen. This would allow you to trace the back of the printed out template, and using a hot iron, transfer it directly to your 100% wool felt piece.

What’s included:

  • 9”x9” square of 100% wool felt

  • wool batting for the project (12 colors in all)

  • instructions on how to access the tutorial

  • 7” hoop (optional)

Since the instructions on accessing the tutorial are sent with the kit itself, this would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves needle felting or has been interested in trying it out - maybe throw in some needles as well?.