Rainbow Octopus Tutorial & Kit

Rainbow Octopus Tutorial & Kit

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Get the tutorial with all the wool you need to needle felt this creature of the deep (Skill Level: Intermediate)

7" Hoop:
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Magi Kern Octopus Sweater

If you were to guess what my favorite animal is, what would you think it might be?

You have three guesses and the first two don’t count, LOL

I honestly don’t remember what the first thing was that drew me to them.

Maybe it’s because their appearance is so intriguing, and completely alien looking compared to most other creatures on this planet.

Maybe it’s their incredibly high level of intelligence and spunky personalities (I recommend reading the Soul of an Octopus).

It could be that they (the moms, the dads just lose an arm and become a septapus) literally sacrifice themselves to keep their eggs safe and clean. I mean, if humans had to knowingly sacrifice themselves to procreate, I don’t think the human race would have lasted very long.

Or how about their incredible camouflage abilities, where they can literally change color and texture to match their surroundings? Not to mention, who wouldn’t want the ability to squirt ink in someone’s face and run away when faced with a scary situation? Kinda sorta related side note, did you know that sepia ink originally came from the ink sac of the Sepia cuttlefish?

I could probably go on about it, but I am pretty sure you’re just here for the tutorial, and not the biology lesson, am I right?

If you already have plenty of wool and don’t need the kit (or live overseas and shipping fees are too much) , click here to just buy the tutorial itself.

Because I know some people have a collection of embroidery hoops, you do have the option of buying the kit with or without the 7” hoop.

The tutorial also comes with the PDF template, so no drawing skills necessary. You may try using a lightbox to trace your template onto your felt, but I highly recommend investing in an iron-on transfer pen. This would allow you to trace the back of the printed out template, and using a hot iron, transfer it directly to your 100% wool felt piece.

What’s included:

  • 9”x9” square of 100% wool felt

  • wool batting for the project (9 colors in all)

  • instructions on how to access the tutorial

  • 7” hoop (optional)

Since the instructions on accessing the tutorial are sent with the kit itself, this would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves needle felting or has been interested in trying it out - maybe throw in some needles as well?