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Monthly Reflection - May 2016

I wanted to start a monthly reflection, where I touch up on a few things from my business and personal life such as things for which I'm grateful, things I've accomplished, current projects and goals for the following month. As my business continues to grow I may add more things (like a report). And if this gets to a point of being successful, it would be both fun to look back and see how it all began, how it progressed, and might have some info that would help out future entrepreneurs. 

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How To Make Time For Your Art

I remember a time before I had kids, when I had a full-time career as a graphic designer, I sold jewelry (and other crafts) in my Etsy store, I participated in ATC (artist trading cards) exchanges, and I was in the middle of fixing up a house with my boyfriend (who is now my husband). I would talk about my hobbies with my bosses (it was a department of three, myself, one of the company owners, and the art director, and we three shared an office) - they were both moms and would say how they’re never able to find the time these days, and “you’ll see, just wait til you have kids of your own.” I was determined to prove them wrong, and still am.

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