Inspiration Fridays - Tom Robbins

The reason this is only barely not going to make the cut for Friday (on the Eastern Coast at least), is because today we embraced childhood. The whole family, dog included. 

Why? Because it is way too hot for a day in May in these parts, and I wanted to fill the kids' water table with fresh cool water. Except what started out as my husband helping to get the hose out to fill it with water turned into a water park of sorts. He hooked up the mister on the pergola, put the foam squares down to keep the kids safe on the patio, and everyone got sprayed down. Our daughter, who last year wouldn't step anywhere near a sprinkler was BEGGING to be sprayed down with the hose. The dog too. Our dog who hated water. Feared it. Never liked the hose. Our dog was also right there with the kids, barking to get hit with the hose. For the first four years of his life he would run as far as possible when it was time to water the plants. Huge milestones were met today! The water table, though filled, went mostly ignored. Instead the kids, including the four-legged one, were running back and forth getting turns being hosed down by daddy. I remained mostly dry, except for a few times I was "accidentally" sprayed, lol.

Or as our daughter kept putting it "I GOT SPRINKLED!"

I thought about getting pictures or a video, but this was one of those moments I think I'd rather keep deeply embedded in our memories. Just us. 

So what this all means to me is so many people have had bad childhoods, or at least bad things in their childhoods, and they tend to dwell on it. Stop. It's in the past, and you're not going that way. Take some time to enjoy your childhood now. Run through the sprinklers. Dance in the rain. Lie down on your stomach in the middle of the floor and color in a coloring book. You're not too old, and it's not too late.