Felting Fridays - The Infinite Possibilities of Felt

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If there's any of my posts you'd want to check back for updates, it'll be this one. I do hope, however, that you'll remember to refer to the other Felting Friday posts as a handy reference, which you can now easily find with the link at the top of the page "Learning to Felt." If you scroll down past the tutorials, that's where all my Felting Friday posts will show up, in addition to the main blog page. The reason being that I want this to be the ultimate collection of the infinite possibilities of felt! Yes, that's exactly how awesome and extensive this will be. There are only a few more informational Felting Friday posts left (and I will throw the occasional one up as I discover things to write about, and I want to do a bit more wet felting before I do an informational one about that) - but we're going to move in the direction of free felting tutorials. That's right, Felting Fridays is still going to be your ultimate resource, but now that you know about the tools and materials (and after next week's history of felting), we'll get into what to do with them.

The reason I'm writing this post is this: I want to see how far we can take felt. I want to see what all other people are making with it. I want to see what all we can make with it. In fact, if you have a blog or website or video in which you've created something with felt that is unlike any others, message me! I know it's coming out to you a bit incomplete because I want you to help me fill in the blanks over time. I'll add it here and credit the work back to you. As I collect photos, both my own and submitted by my readers, I will also create a gallery for each section with visual examples. While there are obviously going to be things on here that you've seen quite a bit of, you'll likely find things that you have not seen. Some of these are ideas I have and plan on creating in the near future, so you might not find anything on it at the moment. Some of these will show examples made from craft felt, so we'll recreate them in wet/needlefelt. If there are any ideas you have and would like to contribute to the list, please comment below.

Ladies, guys, this is your resource! Help me help you. Tell me what I'm missing and help me fill in the blanks, because I'm doing this for you. Think of this as growing into a massive index on how to make all these wonderful things! There is a reason I left an empty bullet point at the end of each list, because there's always going to be something more to add! While some will be paid-for (the ones in my shop), the majority of these will be free. 

art & Sculpture


  • felt food

  • softies

  • balls

  • baby mobiles

  • playscapes and houses



Home Decor

  • Kitchen

    • table runners

    • embellished napkins

    • place mats

    • aprons

  • Family/Living Room

    • throw pillows

    • blankets

    • garlands

    • coasters

  • rugs

  • lamps

  • felt plants

  • vessels

Seasonal/secular/festivus Decor

Some of these work for certain holidays as well with the different seasons, but these are for secular decor and not tied to any religion. 

  • Spring

    • flowers

  • Summer

  • Autumn

  • Winter

    • snowmen

    • trees (this can also fall under holiday decor, however there are many religions who now do winter holiday tree, even secular families)

Holiday decor

Yes, I know some of these are repeats from the home decor, but these come with a holiday twist. This will eventually include various holidays from various cultures and world religions.

Practical Use

  • tote bags

  • coin purses

  • felt soap