Inspiration Sundays - Light That Spark Oct 16-22

I'm having so much fun curating these lists. Believe it or not, I get started on the following week's post the day the previous Inspiration Sunday goes live. I love that it's so spontaneous, waiting for me to find things that leave me thinking "Ooooh... that's neat!"

I'm probably going to start restructuring these posts so there is one of each "category" - i.e. an art project, movie, music, quote, fiber artist, etc. I hope to, anyway. I can't always guess what's going to inspire me any given week, but what I might end up doing is making an ongoing list outside of the blog for each category, then pick from that for the weekly inspiration. For now, it's the same as the last two week - ten things that inspired me this week! 

Disclaimer: I do not take credit for any of the photos or content unless otherwise specified. Photos have click-through links to view the original content.

Inspiration #1: Square Peg Round Hole

I can't tell if it's three guys or four, but it's a band of percussionists. No singing, no guitars, they do keyboards but the art is in the percussion. Maybe it's three percussionists and a keyboard guy. I found them by accident while looking for a video on what the ringing rocks sound like at Ringing Rocks Park not too far from where I live. Apparently hitting some of the rocks in this boulder field with a metal object, like with a hammer, makes a pinging sound like hitting a metal pipe. While I was looking, I found a video of a mini jam session this group did with the ringing rocks. I've since enjoyed going through and listening to more of their music. I think they're highly underrated, most of their videos only have like 12k or less views on them. If you like experimental music, or are intrigued by listening to something different, check them out.

Inspiration #2: Denali Chill Mix by Koala Kontrol

A whole mix of chill, indie music with some singing, but it's not too distracting. It makes for great background music while you're busy making stuff! 

Inspiration #:3 Tobias ellehammer

OMG This choreographer! The video I actually wanted to share was the "Black or White" video, which I was able to see on Facebook but Youtube was blocked. Still, the moves send chills - I could watch these talented people dance all day!  

Inspiration #4: Microscopic photography

Here's more proof that you'll never guess all the places you might find some inspiration. This is the foot of a diving beetle! I found this among a series of award-winning microscopic photos, and honestly this would've been my pick for 1st place. It looks like a work of art! The textures, the colors - definitely need to "steal" a part of this and find a use for it in a project. Click on the image to see the rest of the winners.

Inspiration #5: Printing On fabric with leaves

I mentioned felt journaling in last week's inspiration post, so I'm on the search for ideas of all the things we can do. While searching, I came across this post about printing with leaves on fabric (click on the photo to read it for yourself). Considering it's fall and leaves are abundantly available (though you may want to pick one that just fell), this is a great project for right now. You can get other colors, maybe blend reds, oranges, yellows and do a some fall themed fabric? Maybe a seasonal tablecloth? If you set the paint, you could scotchguard it afterwards, or waterproof it essentially, to make it easier to clean. 

Inspiration #6: song of the sea (movie inspiration)

The way I feel about the artwork in this animated film simply cannot be put into words. It's absolutely incredible. Movies like these inspire me to go and create. I really hope that this is only the beginning, because I need a new/another studio to follow since Studio Ghibli is always producing their "last" movie - though I'm happy they keep surprising me with more after they claim they're done or taking a break. 

inspiration #7: Felt Artist Jennifer E Moss

This is Jennifer Moss's piece "Overgrowth" - click on the photo to read more about it and see other photos. I love this so much, and the idea of having strange organic felt forms "growing" throughout my house. Though I do wonder how you keep something like this clean... our house gets fairly dusty in the winter thanks to our wood burning stove. So, I guess you'd better hope that it's securely felted together so you can vacuum it up without tearing it apart? If you'd like to see more of her work, click here to go to her website.

inspiration #8: Rolled felt beads tutorial

Jewerly is another fun way to incorporate felt (like my pendants), especially when you add other threads and beads. One of the fun tutorial/kits I have planned for you is how to make the kaleidoscope pendants yourself! But, until I get that filmed and posted, here's a tutorial on how to make rolled felt beads thanks to Marci Glenn. If you plan on doing the kaleidoscope pendants, maybe you could make matching beads for a bracelet? 

inspiration #9: Jellies fiber art installation

How amazing is this? The picture is part of a HUGE art installation by an artist named Sayuri behind a glass case in a public space. You really have to click through and see the rest of the pictures. Could you imagine having the a bathroom filled with these? Our kids' bath is an underwater theme so it would totally work in there.

I have just over one week left to finish my underwater theme felt for the monthly felting exchange, so when I came across this, of course I want to figure out how to make something like that with felt. Only how? I have an idea... I'm not sure if I'll be able to film it though, since it would involve wet felting but... maybe. I'll have to get started on it soon so if it turns out to be a total flop, I can make something different. The tendrils look a bit like my wool roving as it's drying after being dyed and washed. 

inspiration #10: Barnacles

Speaking of underwater theme, I thought I'd share a detail photo of these felt barnacles on top of a giant felt whale titled Mocha Dick, which was a collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. It really is giant, 52 feet long giant, and was inspired by the same albino sperm whale that inspired Moby Dick. I was friends/worked for the artist's (Tristin Lowe) wife for many years and talked to him a few times, and I remember when he was working on this (and then later a giant felt moon), that's when (in my personal opinion) his art really took off. This was an amazing installation. If you click on the photo, that will take you to the article about Mocha Dick. Click here to see his website and other work, including the felt moon. Cool thing about the moon, I recall his wife talking about how she and their son helped to work on the craters, so it was a bit of a family project. Tristin likes to work in all media, not just fabric/felt, but a good portion of them are inflatable using fans (like bouncy castles). 

Check back next week for the next Inspiration Sundays post. What inspired you this week? Leave a comment below.