Needle & Wet Felting

It all began with a request for a baby mobile from a close friend. 
I had played around with wool only a little years before, when I traded ATCs (artist trading cards) and made a few fiber art cards, but it didn't really stick since there weren't many resources for it. I had asked a few locations if I could get my hands on more wool, but nobody was selling it. So with the baby mobile request, after much thought & consideration, I ordered some wool, a sampling of needles and got to work. The ability to sculpt what is essentially a handful of fluff into anything I could imagine opened up a whole new world of possibilities. The sky is the limit - with everything from 2D wool "paintings," clothing, accessories, toys, sculpture, practical home applications, I have yet to see a similar range of versatility with any other medium. Also, the portability of it, just taking out what I know I will need and finding a comfortable work area allows me to continue interacting with my two, very young children while I work. There is no worry about the mess as with paints, no choking hazards as with jewelry, and fairly safe, providing the needles are kept in a child-proof container when not in use. The combination of all those things is what made wool one of my favorite media.

If you are interested in a custom art for yourself or as a gift, please fill out my contact form on the Commissions page.

If you'd like to learn to felt, click on the link in the navigation at the top of this page to see the tutorials I have available as well as my guides to felting.

Design & Illustration

My background is in design, initially architecture. I later decided to switch gears, after a lot of self-education I got a job as an in-house graphic designer at a catalog company. Fast forwards several (5) years later when I had my first child, and when she was just shy of 1 year old, I chose to leave the workforce and stay home. I have done a few freelance gigs since then (branding/logo work, retouching images); it's something I still really enjoy, especially when it's on a more personal level, anywhere from personal businesses to very personal angel-baby photo touch-ups. Recently, I opened up a shop on Teachers Pay Teachers to sell educational materials and clip art for other teacher-entrepreneurs. We are homeschooling our children, so I was already creating material for my daughter to use and wanted to make it available to others as well.
I also have delved into illustration, which I did a bit during the later years of my career in the workforce, and something I am planning on doing a lot more in the future months/years.

If you are interested in graphic design or illustration work, please fill out and submit the form on the Commissions page.

Some of the illustrations below are available for sale as prints on my Society6 page. Come check it out!

For my Teachers Pay Teachers store, click here.

Hand Painted Furniture & Craft

One of my goals in life is to fill my home with as many handmade goods as possible, either mine, my husbands, or from other sellers. The time involved and the love poured into each item gives it a certain special quality that seems to be lacking from mass-produced items. I also am trying to reduce clutter and simplify our surroundings as much as possible. With that in mind, I plan on including some DIY tutorials in my blog (and someday on Youtube as well) so you can follow along and make your own.
Something else I enjoy that has turned out even better than I hoped is hand painted furniture. Starting fall of last year, I've now completed a dresser for each of my children (ones that were trash-picked and upcycled) and plan on repainting some of our other furniture that is old and worn. While I don't currently have the space to do this on a business level, I would be willing to do this on a one-by-one individual basis (as space allows) for individuals living within driving distance of Blue Bell, PA and able to drop off (if they have an old piece that needs an update) and later pick up. If that is something you would be interested in, please go to my Commissions page, fill out and submit the form.