If this is your first time here (and especially if it's your first time needle felting), I'm super happy and excited for you! Needle felting is probably one of the best things that ever happened to me in my personal art "herstory." There are so many things I can do with it; the possibilities are endless! Not to mention it's incredibly therapeutic. It's like the arts&crafts-world's version of kick boxing for stress-relief because you stab your creations to life. Hopefully only your creations, because it can be quite a bloody mess if you stab yourself in the hand, so please be careful! Don't be scared though! It's no worse than poking yourself with a needle, and anyone from age 5 to 95 can do this. Even my 4 year old has started her needle felting journey, and I've had several 5 and 6 year-olds in my local workshops. I have yet to meet someone who tried it that did not enjoy needle felting, and most of the people I know who have tried it tell me they're hooked on it and can't put it down.

At the top here you'll find the tutorials I have available for purchase. If you scroll down past the tutorials section, you'll find my needle felting guides and free tutorials. I also have a few available on my Youtube channel, including some W.I.P. videos so you can watch as I complete more complex projects from start to finish. 


Learn how to needle felt by following along with my detailed video classes and tutorials! Look over the photos and descriptions, follow the link in the description to purchase access to one of these tutorials and I'll send you a kit to go along with it. Kits will also be available for purchase separately if you wish to follow the tutorial more than once, so you do not need to purchase the tutorial/kit combo again.

 Click on the image to enter the tutorial page. You will need a password.

Click on the image to enter the tutorial page. You will need a password.

Whimsy Houses

Learn how to 2D needle felt these adorable, whimsical houses by following along with my 2-part detailed video. There is also a printable for you to trace onto your wool, or use as a coloring page. Click here to purchase.

  Click on the image to enter the tutorial page. You will need a password.

Click on the image to enter the tutorial page. You will need a password.

Needle Felted feathers

Learn how to make a realistic feathers using wire and wool. This is a great intermediate level project for someone who has some prior experience needle felting. Click here to purchase.


TweeTea Bird

Learn wool painting on your own time, in the comfort of your own home. In this 2d needle felting tutorial, you will learn how to blend wool using pet brushes, add small details and a bit of lettering work with wool. Tutorial coming soon!

Kaleidoscope Pendants

I'm sure you've seen my kaleidoscope pendants in my shop. Well, now I'm going to show you how to make your own! Kits are also available, please specify which colors you'd like to use for your pendant. I'll pick out which beads I have on hand that would best match your chosen colors. Tutorial coming soon!

Tutorial #5

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Guide to Felting

When I started needle felting over three years ago, there really weren't any guides to it online. There were a few books out there on the shelves, but most of the books are like tutorial books - they just show you how to make stuff, not really explaining the details of how or why felting works. They told you to get needles, but they didn't really go into detail about which needles to get, or what the difference was between them. They told you to use a base to protect your work surface and your needles, but they just mentioned using a standard-issue foam that you can buy in the shop. I didn't know I could save some money and use a sponge, or save the packing foam from your purchases. Thinking back, it seems like it would be common sense, but I know that when you're learning something new, you're afraid of experimenting. It's like when you try a new recipe - you do it word for word, even if you're pretty sure you can replace one ingredient with another because it might turn out horribly wrong if you change it up. I'm here to tell you, it's okay to experiment. That this is so new, nobody has ALL the answers. In fact, I'm already planning on revisiting these posts as I find things that might help you. Think of it as a needle felting wiki. Should you decide you want to support me in my efforts, go up and grab a tutorial for yourself. You'll only get more out of your investment, and nothing to lose.