Needle & Wet Felting

It all began with a request for a baby mobile from a close friend. 
I had played around with wool only a little years before, when I traded ATCs (artist trading cards) and made a few fiber art cards, but it didn't really stick since there weren't many resources for it. I had asked a few locations if I could get my hands on more wool, but nobody was selling it. So with the baby mobile request, after much thought & consideration, I ordered some wool, a sampling of needles and got to work. The ability to sculpt what is essentially a handful of fluff into anything I could imagine opened up a whole new world of possibilities. The sky is the limit - with everything from 2D wool "paintings," clothing, accessories, toys, sculpture, practical home applications, I have yet to see a similar range of versatility with any other medium. Also, the portability of it, just taking out what I know I will need and finding a comfortable work area allows me to continue interacting with my two, very young children while I work. There is no worry about the mess as with paints, no choking hazards as with jewelry, and fairly safe, providing the needles are kept in a child-proof container when not in use. The combination of all those things is what made wool one of my favorite media.

If you are interested in a custom art for yourself or as a gift, please fill out my contact form on the Commissions page.

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