Magi Kern is an artist living in the outskirts of Philadelphia with her very handy husband and two children (ages preschool and toddler). She came to Philadelphia initially to study architecture, but after a few years decided to pursue a different path. With a few years under her belt as an in-house graphic designer for a catalog company, she chose to leave the workforce to stay home with her child, just shy of one at the time. This also freed up her time allowing her to pursue her dreams as an artist and freelance graphic designer. 

I am passionate about...

  • my family, especially my children
  • my art, including fiber arts, illustration, painting
  • my hobbies, including art journaling, design, DIY, crafting, painting, planners, music
  • the environment, especially reducing my impact upon it through mindful purchases, thrifting, upcycling
  • nature, nature walks, gardening, homesteading
  • leading a healthful life with the aid of good nutrition, yoga and meditation